PGA Bin Sensors

  • The most affordable bin monitoring system in the market.
  • Compatible with most existing temperature and moisture cables on the market.
  • Easy installation
  • Get live alerts and notifications on your phone
  • Wirelessly monitor the bin conditions of stored grains to ensure the best grain quality and prevent spoilage.
  • Manage data anywhere through our website or app, available for Android and IOS.
  • wireless board to board connections allow connectivity for greater distances.
  • WIFI or LTE connection required to connect to the server
  • Fan Control add-on allows manual remote aeration control using the PGA bin system application and website.
  • Level Sensor add-on allows grain level management
  • Optional add on: 30 Watts Solar Panel and 12-Volt 7 Ah rechargeable batteries

PGA Web Application features
PGA Web App
PGA Main and Remote Board
Part Number:
Nafis-Se 71 and Nafis-Se 21
PGA Fan Control

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